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I've been incredibly privileged to have been behind-the-scenes and on stage, to have moderated panels and been on them, and to have hosted more events than I can count. Each one has been incredibly special true labors of love.

Below you'll find some snippets about what people are saying about me, the many things I'm a part of and that I've helped create, and even a few clips and links. By no means all of it, however these are some of the most recent and my favorites!

Recent Press & Mentions

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"Neal is a connector and a strong leader and an inspiration to everyone around him. At the end of the day, his passion for music runs deep; he is a huge supporter of the arts, living and breathing it."

Thuy-an Julien,

Chief of Staff for Tip "T.I." Harris

Former Head of Apple Original Content

"The word "quit" is not in Neal's vocabulary. His dogged dedication to completing any task he is challenged with can be awe inspiring. If you need a passionate, dedicated, tireless leader, look no further."

Michael Shoretz 

CEO of Beyond Better Foods 

Forbes 30-Under-30

"I've seen Neal curate, produce, book, and lead companies of all kinds, and every experience has been great. Neal is that cool combination of both the creative guy that's totally immersed the festival/music/arts and culture scene, and the execution guy that "gets shit done".

Amer Jandali

CEO of Future Meets Present

Notable DJ

I love to travel; every year I travel once nationally, and once internationally, to be better connected globally.

I love to play music; I play the saxophone, guitar, the piano, beatbox, the bass, and just about anything I can get my hands on. Artists are the gatekeepers of truth, and this is my way of being true to myself.

I love to explore nature (and go scuba diving!); we live in a world where our teachers are all around us, starting with mother nature. The future is the ocean (Octavia Butler).

I love to dance; put on some music and I don't have a choice!

I love TV & film; storytelling in action, TV & film preserves history and (hopefully) prevents us from repeating it. Watching it, writing it, learning from it, and sharing it is awesome!

In My Spare Time...

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