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Making our world 
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The Credits

Neal Ludevig at Harlem Arts Festival

Neal is a producer, filmmaker, environmentalist, musician, and entrepreneur, focused on amplifying socially-conscious artist voices.

Neal's work with Moon31 has been covered (inter)nationally in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, CBS, ABC, TimeOut New York, NPR, and others. Neal was elected as a member of the Grammy Academy in 2023, was named an Emerging Leader by the Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP), received a Congressional Proclamation for his non-profit work via Harlem Arts Festival, and helped launch Beyond Better Foods (aka Enlightened), a national consumer package goods company that redefined the ice cream aisle. He also hosts and produces a podcast called "Leave Looking Up", aimed at humanizing heroes via uplifting conversations about the state of the world.

Neal's work concentrates his seeks to make an impact in the worlds of:

Social Justice 

Environmental  Sustainability

LGBT Advocacy    Civil Rights 

Reducing Gun Violence

Gender Equality

"Thank you Brother Neal for bringing us all together and working tirelessly."

Jamal Joseph

Academy Award Nominee, Producer, Activist

Building community and
making change happen.

As a producer, I founded Moon31 to tell stories to make an impact through TV, film, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, & dinners. We produced a groundbreaking online mini-series called "Insomnia" via Snarky Elephant Productions about a bisexual Southasian writer living in New York City that supports his family by escorting, all while suffering from insomnia. Our national Future x Sounds concert series celebrated the 50th year anniversary of "Black Woodstock", bringing one of the greatest concerts never seen to life. Closing Climate Week in NYC, we created the Marketplace of the Future as a new take on the 1939 World’s Fair, showcasing a time in which sustainability is the norm. In all of these, influencers, activists, change-makers, cultural leaders, and community builders came together for real conversations. 

For the past few years I've also curated an ongoing jam session that encourages no boundaries artistic creative expression called  The Astor Party, and hosted FED Sessions, a conversation dinner series where thought leaders and invitees "make bread and break bread" together.  Alongside Moon31, I'm also currently working on producing and screenwriting a film about the artist experience on the road, inspired by untold true events of jazz legends.

Previously, I was a co-founder and Executive Director of Harlem Arts Festival, a community non-profit arts organization that redefined the curation process for artistic programming in changing communities. Built with a grassroots campaign, in only a few short years it presented more than 200 artists, served more than 20,000 audience members, had an official “Harlem Arts Festival” Day declared in New York by Congressman Rangel, and garnered (inter)national accolades. 

Prior to that, I was the Chief Operating Officer of Beyond Better Foods (aka Enlightened Healthy Snacks), launching a national CPG company that created a new section in the ice cream aisle. It was one of the fastest growing companies in the food space, becoming available nationally in nearly 5,000 stores less than 2 years.

Clients &


I've been incredibly fortunate to work and develop partnerships with some of the most inspiring organizations out there.  Working together we've produced, curated, and I've hosted many special experiences that  made real impact.

A few of these organizations include:

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